Walkman Sony beat Apple iPod

Pertamakalinya within more than four years, sales of Sony Walkman in Japan beat Apple iPod.

Last week, the Japanese electronics research company called BCN released data that shows the portion of Sony Walkman sales increased 43 percent until the end of August. Persentase this portion of beating Apple's iPod sales are slightly different positions on 42.1 percent.

this survey only focuses on the sales of digital music player and does not involve the sale Apple iPhone. Section, even though sales iPhone occupied portion of the high, but in reality it is only handset multifungsi ponsel and categorized as non-specific product as a digital music player.

Sony memenangkan in this competition in the case of pure volume of sales of mutual Followup follow. Apple iPod Nano 8GB Capacity to achieve the highest sales with graphics persentase of 21.7 percent, while Sony Walkman NW-E042 series in the second sequence with persentase market only 6.2 percent.

But defeat is terobati with Sony on the achievement of six of ten different models Walkmannya. In addition to selling Nano 8GB, Apple added the sales volume of three products 16 GB iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle.

Nevertheless the end result of the overall volume of sales showed the superior Sony Apple. BCN memperkirakan, competition between products in the digital music player will be more heat after hajatan held on September 9, Apple's future. Section, in the event that Apple will menelurkan new iPod models that will tighten competition digital music player market.