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If you feel that the usual radio doesn’t live up to your expectations anymore, you can do just one thing: go online and enjoy music you love absolutely for free. It’s no secret there are thousands and thousands radio stations offered on the Internet — the variety of styles is truly amazing. However, there are some that are really worth a visit, and there are places where you can discover which ones. Here is a short list of sites that provide wide choice of free online radio stations.

LAST FM: The site breaks the stereotypes and erases the limits. “It’s all about the music”, it says, and that’s exactly the thought that crosses your mind once you are there.
PANDORA, the Music Genome Project: This amazing online project doesn’t limit its visitors with just one station – basically you can have a station customized to make it perfect for you. You hear something you don’t really like — you can just make it “disappear”.
YAHOO MUSIK: Anybody will find stations here that suit their taste. Visitors also have possibility of making all the changes they deem necessary in order to have a unique radio station.
SHOUTCAST: As you enter this site try not to be overwhelmed with the number and variety of stations you see. ShoutCast advocates eclecticism — which means it’s possible to find things you never though you would see in one place.
PUBLIK RADIO: this is the place you go if you need to find any public radio station. The site offers options of advanced search where you can define your preferences, format, location and a lot more.
CLASIK RADIO: Classical music will never lose its meaning for real lovers of eternal beauty and perfection. Here you will find everything necessary to surround yourself with music that never dies. You can listen to your favorites from right there, look for a certain station or simply discover additional material on the history of music.
IT confertation: Feel like there are too many monologues on the radio these days? The best talk shows will let you feel a part of every conversation. The shows available on this site will make your day and maybe someone else’s.
Live 365: Without dictating its will to the visitors this source offers several thousand stations. These can be broken up several categories to make search more convenient. In general you feel you have finally been given the real choice.
Radio Lover: For people who fall in love just once and are faithful forever. Thousands and thousands of wonderful stations that will suit the mood you are in.
Locator radio: A powerful search engine that will allow you to relax in your armchair while it is looking for the best on the Internet. Finding great music to listen to has never been so easy and enjoyable.

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