Streaming Radio Online via Winamp

Every day of entertainment that always accompany a Streaming radio online either from a local radio or also from foreign radio lots of different genres from jazz sampe dangdut, from the northern mixed sari sampe .. complete
This is no way to listen to online radio from your winamp. I use Winamp 5531

1.Click View -- Media Library
2.On the left there is a new menu that will come out, look at Online Services select Shoutcast Radio
3.You can select the genre you liked (I never found a radio broadcast MALINDOFM .. very funny song, does not exist in East Java song like that .. hehehe)
Then there is also a way to play songs from the internet link, for example just given him the link only. Since maniac still down, I try to love the example link from

1.Copy the following link:
2.Then open your Winamp, click File -- Play URL, Then paste the URL in the reply form provided
3.Click OK and you will listen to the radio that are broadcast.
Radio Most Popular in Indonesia using a small bandwidth of 16-32 Kbps, so it is still very reachable for the internet connection lelet

Sometime I will share a radio station that broadcast online

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